Everything Is Water

‘I want to go with the river’s flow, not against it. I want to follow where the river leads – to listen, to observe, hopefully to learn.’

When novelist and experienced hiker Simon Cleary sets off to follow the course of the river that has so influenced his life, he hopes that by walking its banks – from its source to where it empties into the bay – he will better understand the power and impact of this immense waterway on the environment and communities who rely on it.

Cleary’s ambitious journey, alone and with companions, explores the way rivers connect landscapes, ecologies, histories, communities and myth. But his journey along the unpredictable and magnificent Brisbane River threatens to be cut short by one of the wettest autumn months on record. Over four eventful weeks and 344 kilometres we are witness to the river in all its beauty and fury.

Everything is Water considers our complex relationship with nature through flood, drought, time and place. It is an inspiring pilgrimage that invites us to connect with nature and also to navigate our own path.

‘Everything is Water is a fearless, wondrous and irresistible account of a river journey and like any spirited journeyer, Cleary is awed, challenged and humbled at every bend, crossing and perilous flood point of the river he lives alongside, but hadn’t fully known.’

Sally Piper

Author of The Geography of Friendship

‘Intimate and profound, this book explores the river, bearing the reader through time and space towards somewhere new.’

James Bradley

Author of Deep Water